Get your favourite updates posted quickly from a range of supported sites.
Dashboard coming soon.

Reliable and Trustworthy

DiscordFeeds will always be online apart from any unexpected circumstances, which means you have 99.9% chance of getting you article. Those are good odds.

Always Online

DiscordFeeds has no reason to go offline. If the bot is ever offline, you can do whatever the bot can do via the website and vice versa.

Range of Supported Sites

DiscordFeeds supports YouTube channels, Reddit subreddits, Twitch Channels, Twitter Accounts and any website that supports RSS feeds. DiscordFeeds grabs the latest updates and delivers them straight to your server, easy.

Discord Status Updates

DiscordFeeds is now capable of sending Discord incidents to your server. Just so you know if Discords having any issues without having to leave your Discord server.